what types of pianos for sale are there

Nowadays you will find variety of piano sales in the market with different and unique styles, shapes, designs and sizes. Generally, there are two types of Pianos for sale available in the market one is the horizontal piano and the other one is Vertical Piano.

Horizontal Piano

Horizontal Piano is also known as Grand Piano. Generally, they are known as Grand piano because of the Placement of the strings and the length of the piano. These types of Pianos for sale are designed to produce a finer tone and also produce open key action. Basically, Horizontal Piano is of six types Petite Grand, Baby Grand, Medium Grand, concert Grand, Ballroom Grand and Parlor Grand.

Vertical Piano

The second type of Piano is Vertical Piano. They are known as vertical Piano because of their different Position of the string and Height. Approximate height of these pianos is 36 to 60 inches. Generally, there are total four types of Yamaha Pianos for sale for sale available in the market such as Spinet, Console, upright and Studio.

In addition, pianos have total 88 keys. But there are old pianos available which have 85 keys. But nowadays, there are also new designs pianos for sale available in the market specially manufactured with number of keys. So, you will have different options of Pianos available in the market with different shape and size.